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Gone are the days when searching for specific events in video recordings is considered as a tedious and troublesome job. With video analytics any unusual event or unwanted behaviour will be alerted and displayed by the system automatically. The system includes features such as, Motion Detection, Object Detection, Face and License Plate Recognition, Cross Line, Wrong Way Detection and many more that can be configured to suit your needs and operation.


Visual Intelligent Analytic System (VIAS) or VCA is a revolutionary technology that incorporates functionalities such as motion detection, abnormal behaviour detection, crowd counting, perimeter breach, object detection, loitering, suspicious or panic movement, colour analysis and speed tracking.

VCA is an important situation intelligent tool that allows security enforcement agencies like Police Department to detect potential security violation or threat.

Important Information is prioritized via priority sensors as a form of alert and as a result pre-emptive action can be taken before the formation of crime or accident.

Video Analytic Security Suite includes all these features below:

License Plate Recognition
Reads and detects vehicle plat numbers for monitoring and control purposes

Face Detection and Recognition
Captures and recognizes faces for easier identification and authentication purposes.

Intelligent Flow Analysis
Detects abnormal flow of vehicles especially on one way street or parking bays to prevent potential accident or congestion.

Crowd Counting
Automated system that tabulates number of visitors. Suitable for retail outlets, malls and tourist attraction places.

Dwell Time Analysis
Detects objects or vehicles being stationary for more than a certain period of time.

Queue Analysis
Analyses queue and detects long and uneven queue lines.

Demographic Analysis
A powerful tool which can identify photos based on gender, ethnicity and nationality.

Crowd Build Up
Detects size of crowd to prevent illegal gathering that can lead to rioting

Left Bag Detection
Suitable to be deployed at airport or any public transport stations

High Speed Detection
Detects vehicles that are moving above the speed limit. Works best with License Plat Recognition module

Object Removal
An opposite version of object detection. It detects the absence of specified object rather than its presence. This is to prevent valuable items from being stolen or misplaced.

Loitering Detection
A method to detect a suspicious person idling around at certain location. It can also be applied to detect unproductive and wasteful employees.

Perimeter Protection
A feature to detect and prevent intrusion or unwanted activities near the perimeter of the secured premise


It sits, perched on a pole several stories high surveying the landscape before it with an eagle’s eye.

Impassively it observes the coming and goings of the objects under its gaze watching and waiting for anything that might betray its prey. However, this is no bird; the thing perched in the ole would not under any definition be considered living much less avian. Though its ‘eyes’ and images to its ‘brain’ through electrical impulse, these eyes number in the hundreds are spread out across an area kilometers wide while the brain itself a composed of cold steel and twisted wires rather than soft organic matter.

The ‘eye’ of the pole is a CCTV camera, part of an installation of the Video Analytic Security Suite and one of hundreds that record and collect video images in Iskandar-Malaysia Southern Economic Development Corridor in Johor. These ‘eyes’ send the video images that they collect to the ‘brain’ of the system, Video Analytic Security Suite analytic engine, for analysis. It is this brain that sets Video Analytic Security Suite apart from the myriad other CCTV systems available on the market.


Video Analytic Security Suite – The Difference

Most CCTV systems are ‘dumb’; they record everything with little or no intelligence and are unable to distinguish between ‘relevant’ information and ‘irrelevant’ information and thus treat all data collected equally. This means that the users of those systems are obligated to manually sift through the information overload where operators are unable to extract the relevant information.

Video Analytic Security Suite, on the other hand, is an Intelligent CCTV Solution. Using its powerful image analysis engine, Video Analytic Security Suite is able to separate background and foreground and identify objects, as well as differentiate between objects of different shape and sizes. With its powerful CPU, Video Analytic Security Suite software is able to sift out and discover abnormal behaviour caught by the many cameras and bring these items to the attention of the security personnel manning the command centre, in real time.

Event-based surveillance for preventive, fast and effective response.

The trigger could be an unusual pattern of movement that might indicate a crime in progress, a vehicle speeding over the set limit, an intruder in a restricted area or even an object left unattended at a public area. Personnel at the command centre are then able to examine the feeds to quickly verify whether the event in question is a threat or a false alarm. In this way, Video Analytic Security Suite allows a smaller group of security personnel to monitor a control centre with hundreds or thousands of cameras much more effectively than traditional CCTV.


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