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Industrial Ethernet Switch, which is an Ethernet switch device used in industrial control.  Industrial switches feature carrier-grade performance to withstand harsh environments and temperature up to 75°C. Normally come in Small Form Factor (SFF) Format.

Industrial Switch focuses more on loop design. There are single-ring and multi-ring in the loop. There are also private loop protocols based on STP and RSTP, such as RingOn, RingOpen open loop, FRP ring, and turbo ring.

IPSEC is carrying 2 types of Industrial Switches: MOXA & ANTAIRA. Media Converter, Serial Comm, Transceiver, PoE Switch Din Rail, Ethernet Extender

Moxa Technologies is a Taiwanese technology company specializing in edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions.

Moxa provides a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches that feature industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, strengthened security, easy management, and competitive price-to-performance ratios. Moxa Products includes unmanaged switches, managed switches, PoE switches, rackmount switches, and switches designed for use in the rail industry that meet parts of the EN 50155 standard.

Antaira Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer that provides high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions.

Since 2005, Antaira has offered a full spectrum of product lines that feature reliable Ethernet infrastructures, extended temperature tolerance, and rugged enclosure designs. Our product lines range from industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, Ethernet media converters, and serial communication devices.

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