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IPSEC Offers the following ELV Solutions for industrial and factory uses.


Safe Room

Safe rooms using PolySteel can be incorporated into new construction typically as a closet, pantry or utility room. Also can be added to existing homes as a room addition or as a free standing work shop or storage building. Poly Steel’s design flexibility allows easy incorporation into most plans without requiring additional design or architectural expense.

Poly Steel safe rooms utilize a Lite-Deck insulated concrete ceiling system, which delivers an R-30 ceiling insulation and easy interior finish applications. A 14-gauge steel door mounted to a cast-in-place steel frame and secured by three deadbolts offers easy access and security. These doors are usually installed so they swing inward so debris outside does not prevent evacuation once the storm has passed. Passive air vents are installed for fresh air intake when occupied.

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An intercom is a private telecommunication system that allows people from two or more locations to communicate with each other. Although usually considered administrative systems, intercom systems and other similar communication systems play an important role in a building’s security deployment. This is especially true with regards to access control.

The intercom system enables the personnel operating the access controlled doors or gates to communicate with the people wishing to enter the building, without exiting the relatively secure inner area in which they are positioned (whether it is located inside the building or in an external security post).

There are many types of systems that can be used as an intercom system; and the Standard point to point intercom system (party line systems) is recommended.


All building perimeter doors are controlled by the building access control system. Main and service entrances to buildings will be provided with card access. Secondary entrances that must be open for public use during normal business hours will be provided with electric locks.

Emergency exits will be monitored to ensure that no doors are being propped open. Emergency exits will have an exterior key access. Doors intended for emergency exit use only will be provided with delayed egress locking hardware (delay to be no longer than 30 seconds). Areas will be monitored to ensure that doors are not propped open. No perimeter or public area doors will be designed that require only manual locking or unlocking.

Access Control

Access control is the ability to determine who may and a fundamental principle of access management, and an important aspect of any effective security system. Access control is a combination of physical elements and security procedures. The physical access control measures usually include the following and more:

  • Card readers.
  • Control panels for opening doors.
  • Electromagnetic locks.
  • Electric locks.
  • Emergency escape buttons (glass break).
  • Open door detectors (magnetic switches).
  • A door closer.


alarm system

Alarm System

Alarm systems installed in buildings and/or complexes are aimed at detecting both unlawful intrusion and lawful entry a combination of elements (sensors, keyboards, control units and others) that create a “smart” system. This “smart” system is programmed to be able to monitor various. All perimeter doors to the area must be protected with concealed magnetic contacts. Either contacts or interior motion detectors should protect accessible windows.

Different types of anti-intrusion detectors will be used to protect different types of areas throughout different types of complexes and buildings. Duress alarms are installed to protect personnel who may be placed in danger of physical assault during interactions with other persons. Portable panic control will be used by an employee may be alone with a potentially threatening person.

inteligent video sistem (1)


The primary purpose of a CCTV system is to support and enable the overall management of a building’s security. Video surveillance facilities are an aid to security monitoring, especially of vulnerable or sensitive areas. CCTV systems may also act as an investigative tool as a post-incident source of evidence, or may deter potential criminals/terrorists if they perceive that their actions are being monitored. However, the CCTV system should be designed¬ must work in conjunction with other security measures (e.g. access controls, alarm systems, etc.).

Central systems consist of either fixed color closed-circuit display (CCD) or pan/tilt/zoom color CMOS IP based cameras connected to the central monitoring facility. Fixed IP based cameras are used as alarm-activated devices and are tied to either a holdup alarm or an emergency assistance station (EAS). Pan/tilt/zoom cameras shall be installed on building exterior locations so that all major outdoor public areas can be viewed from a camera location.

Intelligent Video System

Intelligent video allows video surveillance systems to be used for a host of new applications, and ensures that video surveillance systems become smarter, more accurate, and more cost-effective. In summary, intelligent video will have functions such as:

  • Automatically analyzes and tags surveillance video in real-time
  • Detects suspicious activities
  • Initiates video recording, alarms or other actions
  • Alerts operators or field personnel
  • Enables users to be proactive – preventing crime rather than reacting or analyzing after the fact

Systems can be set up to deliver far more targeted and specific information with intelligent video. This means that in the future there will be far less reliance on manned guarding. Intelligent video also creates a platform for a more pro-active approach to video surveillance. By configuring intelligent video systems to specific parameters, it is possible to get instant alerts when pre-set parameters have been breached, thus delivering early warnings to staff.


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