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IPSEC is distributing, marketing and after sales support center for RFID Guard Tour System or GTS. Some times known as Security Guard Digital Clocking System or Guard Patrolling System. We only partner with the industry best technology provider, known as JWM Hi-Tech Development Co. Ltd. We have solutions for online and offline that meet your requirements.

Guard Tour System - Offline

Model : P8
Model : P4S
Model : X1
Model : P5
Model : ES (Entry)

Guard Tour System - Online & 4G Series

Model : P-4D
Model : P-ZG
Model : PL-4D
Model : P-Z
Model : P-5000PH7


GUARD TOUR SYSTEM (GTS) can be installed in Building, Warehouse, Factory, Campus & etc. While security guard perform their patrolling, they have to use Data Acquisition Reader to scan the location tags, time stamp will be collected. Upon completion of Patrolling, docking the reader to the station, time stamps will be download and report can be printed.

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