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Organization: Palmiera, Kinrara Residence
Location: Selangor, Malaysia
Industry Segment: Residential

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  • 4 pcs of AI 12X PTZ Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5361-X12PC)
  • 21 pcs of AI 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Camera (MS-C8165-PA)
  • 1 pc of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series (MS-N7032-UH)
  • 20 pcs of PoE Switch (MS-S0208-GL/MS-S0224-GL)


A surveillance system deploying 46 pcs of Milesight products is built up in Palmiera, Kinrara Residence, a mixed residential development. The superior performance and the ease of installation of Milesight products greatly secures the road safety inside the residential area.


Kinrara Residence is nestled in the fast growing Puchong vicinity, right next to the breathtaking and pristine Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. Enjoying the unique advantages, Kinrara Residence offers a unique combination of gorgeous landscape and convenient facilities. The latest addition to it is Palmiera that consists of 2 and 3-storey semi-detached homes. For this kind of upscale residential, the highest level of security is critical. So the well-operating Milesight surveillance system is deployed to provide residents with the ultimate experience.

Milesight Secures Kinrara Residence


The towering lamppost, inconsistent weather condition & tall trees causing blockages upon the installation. More importantly, the all-round and large field view monitoring is of great significance to provide residents with a safe living environment.


Residential management authorities selected Milesight for it is always providing continued excellent & high quality products or services. Based on the situation of Palmiera, Kinrara Residence, a surveillance system with 46 pcs Milesight products are deployed, ensuring the residential safety.

  • PTZ & Panoramic Bullet Camera, Zero Blind Spots

To monitor road activity inside of the residence area with wide coverage, Milesight PTZ Bullet and Panoramic Bullet Camera are deployed to form a functional and cost-effective solution. With the flexible pan, tilt and zoom tasks, PTZ camera allows the all-round and distant but still clear monitoring. Meanwhile, the panoramic camera offers 180° large field of view, which achieves multiple other cameras’ coverage, greatly deterring suspicious activities and giving residents peace of mind.

  • Diverse & Powerful Functions, You Can Rely on

With embedded AI algorithm, Milesight cameras support various VCA events, which can alert the operator of detecting predefined events promptly. What’s more, the easy installation of Milesight products such as flexible installation modes, integrated junction box and the powerful but cost-effective solution eased the difficult situation the team met. Plus with IP67 and IK10 proof, Milesight cameras are also well protected against the inconsistent weather condition and ensure the reliable performance.

Milesight AI PTZ bullet, Panoramic bullet

  • Easy-to-Use Central Management, 24×7 Protection

Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 is used to enable the central management and monitoring of all the cameras, which could help the operator to be more efficient by allowing them to concentrate on real threats via monitors.

Milesight 32-CH NVR 7000


Milesight surveillance solution has won high praise. The residential management authority said, ” I am glad that we could install a highly reliable CCTV for this area as it will ensure everyone in this residence to live peacefully.”

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