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IPSEC – Visitor management system give you pre-emptive action and validate your visitors. We help you to safeguard your properties.

Visitor Management System is part of Physical Security Information System (PSIM) that keep track and monitoring who had visited your premise and future visitors. This information and records are important for security reasons and regulate visitors, also crucial in the event of disaster or fire, it will allow building manager to produce a roll call report immediately.

IPSEC have developed a Web-based Visitor Management System for Commercial, Apartment, Factory, Facilities and Industrial uses. Our VMS system is flexible, logical, adaptable and comprehensive.
We offers 3 types of Visitor Management System, Cloud based or On-Premise & Hybrid.

Visitor Management System (VMS) is a security pre-empty measurement tool, e.g important landmark or building, high-valued & sensitive offices requires visitors to be validated before entering.

  • How many visitors have enter your premise ?
  • Where are there now ?
  • Are these visitors pose any security threat ?
  • How many visitors still inside the building or facilities after office hour ?
  • During emergency or fire broke up, can you counted all your visitors ?
Various Type Visitor Management Installation Structure
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