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The achievement of the project in installing the 128 camera solution makes UTeM the first Public Institution of Higher Learning to comprehensively implement a CCTV on IP solution throughout its campuses.

In making its way forward as a premier institute of learning, Universiti Tecknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) understands the importance of maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for its students.

The solution that has now become the pride of UTeM is called  Video Analytic Security Suite.  Video Analytic Security Suite connects the cameras throughout the UTeM campuses using Metro-Ethernet technology. The solution covers the entirety of the main, city and industrial campuses. Everything is integrated and automatically controlled at a central command centre in UTeM in real time.

Unlike ordinary CCTV systems which rely solely on the manual process,  Video Analytic Security Suite’s Advance Video Analytics system is able to monitor the cameras for abnormal events and alert the command centre if any are detected. The SmartVeillance system is a boon for the UTeM command centre.


Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) Assists in Case of Theft

The Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) solution has assisted the management of UTeM solve a case of breaking and entering within the campus. Through the motion detection and image capture features, the security team was able to foil an intruder who was attempting to break into a building in the campus.


The motion detection function of the Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) Solution sent an alarm to the control room after movement was detected in UTeM’s restricted area. This accelerated the actions of the security team and allowed them to hurry to the scene of the crime. Although the intruder initially managed to escape the security team, Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) face detection feature was able to clearly capture the intruder’s face.

The image was extracted and distributed to security teams. Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) sophisticated recording and sequencing system allows video streams to be pumped into the operating room quickly and clearly even if the cameras are set at a height and at a distance.

In the intruder’s second Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) Raises the Status of University Tecknikal Malaysia Melaka Signboard at the entrance of the University campus informing the public of the CCTV system View of the Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) screens at the CCTV Command Centre attempt, his actions were swiftly detected by the solution and the dispatched security officers were able to apprehend him. High resolution pictures of the break in, which were captured by the solution, were handed over to the police to be used as solid evidence against the intruder.


Raising Work Efficiency

In addition, more effective voting was also observed during the Student Elections at the University. All the important information as well as the pictures that were displayed for the length of the campaign were in accordance with the regulations set out by the university administration.

“No complaints and it fulfils the needs of UTeM”

– that is the testimony of Mr Mohd. Isa bin Mohd. Dom, Head of UTeM’s Computer Centre.

UTeM management plans to add more Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) cameras to cover its other campuses in the future. Mr Mohd. Isa also said that the solution helps in the monitoring of vehicles that enter and exit the main road of the university. This road is an alternative route for vehicles from the city of Melaka to Jasin.

The series of cameras set at staggered intervals as well as the use of 4-in-1 cameras assist the operation room record and see the movement and plate numbers of the vehicles that enter the campus.

The conclusion is that Video Analytic Security Suite (VASS) has raised the level and efficiency of the security team and has changed the method of monitoring security from the traditional to the modern which is faster and more efficient.

The attention that UTeM has paid to matters of security on campus gives UTeM an added advantage for students when it comes to choosing a university. Universiti Tecknikal Malaysia Melaka represents a premier Public Institute of Learning for students who wish to continue their studies to a higher level.

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