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Technology for Safer Cities

Terrorism,murder, rape, robbery, these crimes and others are a common threat to today’s cities While some of this may be a reflection of the unstable times we lives in, a large part of these threats can be considered an attribute of the citizen themselves an the increase in population and anonymity that comes hand in hand with urbanization. To combat the threat of crime and violence, emergency services and law enforcement must work together with the public to create safer cities.

The safe city concept is not new, for decades city planners have striven to create safer cities through an urban planning, and community awareness and cooperation with law enforcement; however, the advent of smart technology has added an additional dimension to the game.

Safe City Solution combines Video Analytic System with GIS, vehicle-tracking technology and caller & dispatch response management system to enhance public safety. The GIS (Geographical Information System) provides the based maps showing locations of CCTVs, caller and nearest response tea available.

Video Analytic System Safe City Solution for Fast & Effective Response
Single Integrated Platform for security command centre to monitor the CCTV networks, receive distress calls, dispatch and communicate with emergency response teams.

smart veillance


Elements of the Video Analytic System Safe City Solution

The solution can be integrated with multiple entities;999 emergency call centres, emergency intercom units; automated distress applications on mobile devices, the command centre and units on the ground to optimize the necessary response from detection to action.

The solution can be deployed across multiple networks to gather information form diverse installations including from private sector such as from commercial centres, and tertiary institutions as well as from public government installations the advanced analytic engine then interprets the gathered data and feeds it to the relevant parties for swift, effective action.


Vehicle tracking technology installed in the mobile units allow command centre operators to choose the units closest to the incident to be dispatched to the scene, while two way communication between the command centre and the mobile response teams allows operators to provide additional information to the units as it becomes available and permits the mobile units to the command centres on the status of the case.


Software Applications

intergrated software aplications

Software applications serve as the nerve centres of the solution and govern actions such as monitoring, event dispatching and management, and emergency responses. The applications are centrally hosted at a Command Center and can be monitored from any branch or remote site.

Integration Strategies are also formulated to enable interoperability of multi-vendor systems under one single-platform.

intergrated command centre

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