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Intelligent video analytic software and the pervasiveness of the underlying IT infrastructure have changed the way we deploy and harness CCTV and its applications. The combination of these two factors means that the management of CCTV or rather the process of collecting, viewing and analyzing video data are no longer desk bound.

The same can now be done virtually, more effectively and efficiently at a place of choice within the perimeter of the IT infrastructure. CCTV control and management technologies have evolved from their traditional manual and desk bound form to become software centric with artificial intelligence and virtual accessibility from any point within the network.

There is a growing concern worldwide for the need to improve safety and security, not only against the threat of terrorism but also to detect and prevent criminal acts. This includes not only CCTV technology and advance software but also rapid reaction and coordination between the command center and mobile field officers.

While the traditional systems are stand-alone and focused on video recording, this systems are proactive and able to tackle incidents as they come.The systems are able to integrate various multi-vendor CCTV cameras onto one single unifying platform for video data sharing and consist of both software applications and network infrastructure.

The advent of telecommunication technologies and the proliferation of the ubiquitous 3G, WIFI and Internet services have increased the popularity of the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to retrieve information while on the go.


Software Applications

The software applications serve as the nerve centre for CCTV operations and govern actions such as monitoring, event dispatching and management, and emergency responses.

Powerful video analytics software analyses video streams and detects any anomalies or events of interest allowing relatively few operators to man a control centre with hundreds or thousands of cameras. The software then alerts the operators for further action.

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Integrated Software Applications

  • Call Management system
  • CCTV Analytics Monitoring System
  • Integrated Visualisation System
  • Event management system
  • Computer aided dispatch system
  • Mobile patrol and response system
  • Integrated communication management system

Integration strategies are also formulated to enable interoperability of the various multi-vendor systems under one single platform.


Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is comprised of several tiers that convey the video data from remote camera sites to the IOC. The remote CCTV cameras are linked to the nearest station which will consolidate and forward the video streams to the next station until the IOC is reached, to form a complete multi-tier network.


Integrated Operation Centre (IOC)

The Integrated Operation Centre hosts the software application system and is protected with physical, network and systems security against any malicious attacks from ill intention parties.

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