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AI Parking Space Occupancy Detection

Empowered by AI deep learning algorithms, Indoor Parking Guidance Camera can accurately detect parking space occupancy with an impressive accuracy of over 99.9%. This remarkable capability significantly enhances parking management efficiency.

 Dual Lens Covering up to 6 Spaces

Indoor Parking Guidance Camera is equipped with dual lens, allowing it to efficiently monitor up to 6 parking spaces (3 on each side) using just one camera. Moreover, the lens can be flexibility adjusted as needed to provide optimal coverage for the parking spaces.

Multi-color Customizable Indicator

Indoor Parking Guidance Camera comes with indicator light that switches automatically based on real-time occupancy status of parking space. With customizable light colors, the device provides visual cues that make finding available parking spaces a breeze. And it also supports special parking spaces, such as handicap or VIP spot status detection and guidance for an easier and more convenient parking experience.

AI LPR & Vehicle Feature Recognition

Besides acting as a guide, Indoor Parking Guidance Camera can also perform real-time license plate recognition and identify vehicle attributes like type, color, and plate color. The highly accurate AI LPR algorithm generates valuable traffic information, which can be easily pushed to third-party management platforms to achieve more applications in parking lot management.

Audio Output for External Speaker

Indoor Parking Guidance Camera features an audio out interface that makes it easy to connect external speaker to play customized audio. Its usability and adaptability can well meet the needs of different scenarios.

Camera-based Technology with Videos

Unlike the traditional parking sensors, Indoor Parking Guidance Camera is the ideal solution that provides live security videos for extra safety. Leveraging decades of expertise in camera image quality, we ensures that the camera delivers clear details of parking spaces even in low illumination indoor parking lots.

Flexible integration with CGI/APIs

Indoor Parking Guidance Camera offers CGl/APls and supports various protocols like TCP, HTTP, RTSP, MQTT, etc, which allow the easy open integration with third-party parking management systems, such as guidance LED system, car finding system and visualized central management platform.

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