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When investing in a video surveillance cameras for your home, certain technologies improve the user experience. We pride ourselves in delivering IP surveillance video that boasts the highest quality features and produce the most detailed images that make recognition and identification possible.

Remote Monitoring: Video management software and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) allow you to view and manage several cameras at once from any PC with Internet connection. With more than 75% of the population utilizing the Internet, Internet-based surveillance is the most convenient and advanced video technology of today.

Scalability: For most video surveillance systems, new security cameras can be added at any time by purchasing new licenses. If you do purchase one or two cameras at the start, you can rest assured knowing that any new camera you buy in the future can be successfully added and managed along with your other security cameras.

Megapixel Image Quality: According to the Royal Malaysia Police,80% of video surveillance footage is unusable by law enforcement due to poor video quality. Megapixel image quality, not found on CCTV video, ensures that the video footage will be of the highest quality, a professional standard honored by every one of our network surveillance cameras. The result is better detail; crisper images; reduced noise and motion blur; and higher frames per second. Recognition of faces and license places becomes easier with megapixel video.

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