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Accurately Grasp Traffic of Spaces

The number of people in a specific space is under control through bi-directional line crossing people counting. With 99.8% ultra-high accuracy and 100% anonymous detection, the traffic of any space is precisely counted. As basic data, the statistics can be extended to unleash diversified values.

Better Understand Space Utilization

By getting rich people counting data in real-time, it brings an accurate full picture of the space capacity, discovering its usage patterns and states of being full, empty, over-occupied, or less occupied. The space layout, resource allocation, and energy usage can be accordingly adjusted.

Intelligently Optimize Power Consumption

The optimum space energy consumption relies acutely on precise statistic. The electronics’ status and the HVAC system can be optimized in accordance with the changing number of people to achieve optimal power consumption.

Efficiently Get Data-Based Decisions

The statistics-based analysis enables operators to convert people counting data into informed insights of decision making. Different people flow of various time buckets efficiently activate business management values for administrators.

Greatly Improve Indoor Air Quality

It helps to keep the space occupancy at an optimal level for pleasing indoor air quality. The collaboration with the HVAC system especially the ventilating system enables to make continuous adjustments based on the changing people flow, achieving the most easeful indoor environments.

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